"Some people these days when will they learn?"

-Nickel500's quote

Nickel500 AKA Devil was the powerful leader of the robbery crew, he is extremely clever and is a courageous leader, many robbers looked up to him. He has had a tragic past, but his crew were always there for him whenever he needs backup, and they make sure the enemies are feel threatened. He was the greatest robber in all of CP.


About me 

Nickel500 was a leader of the robbery crew but he has a large story.It started in the war when Nickel500 and Bradyd5 became friends in the army.Some time later Nickel500 always trained very hard to get ready for a war to start.When the war happen it revealed that Bradyd5 not only betrayed Nickel500 but killed his mom and dad.With 2 brothers saws this they were in tears and escaped,Many years later they were poor and have no money so Nickel's brother trained him to be a robber and robbed money and they became rich but Nickel500 still wanted revene.In 2012 he became a cop at EPF.He saw Bradyd5 abusing a pookie.Nickel500 stops him and the pookie was saved but Nickel500 wanted to trick him more.So he became a robber in 2013 when he and Bradyd5 worked together but this time it was his plan.So Nickel and Bradyd5 fight and Nickel500 won the first fight.In 2013 Nickel500 alone as a robber wanted help to get Bradyd5 so he found some friends to help out such as Daboss9001,Flunce1 and Alan1220.His crew members listens to what he say to figure out about Bradyd5.They actually know Bradyd5 and they get to him.Nickel500 and his friends robbed some stores in the Town,Plaza and mostly EPF.The crew have many enemies like Frosty41702,Hailey Ana,and more.They try to arrest Nickel500 but they got his back.Nickel500 still wants revenge for what Bradyd5 did..Some people betray him to stop Nickel500 from hurting Bradyd5 but Nickel500 knows one thing.Nickel500 told EPF that Bradyd5 is Frosty41702's dad and he actually taught her how to rob things.EPF was angry about this but some don't believe him.But Nickel500 says that now no mercy at all to his enemies.In 2014 and 2015 they saw new enemies and made a wanted list to eliminate them so not only Club Penguin would be safe but their lives would be as well.

Revenge on SHA

SHA made a fool out of Nickel500 and the only person Nickel500 trusted was Omegasonic2000 however not any remorse on Nickel he quits SHA and found Agent Blue and made an team that will kill the core leaders of SHA and highest ranking agents.Bongi6 made a religious rule to not discuss about it however Nickel500 knew that Bongi6 was obsessive with people disobeying the rules and no Agents including Nickel500 himself has no rights at all.Nickel500 thinks that Bongi is making SHA corrupt and much more strict by whatever he wants.